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3D Printing helps lead the alternative energy movement

3D Printing initiative in Dubai

3D printing can be a force of good in many of life's areas. From 3D printing prosthetic limbs to creating food that could feed thousands, there seems to be no limit to the impact 3D printing can have on the world.

Now 3D printing is being used to battle climate change and global warming. A previous blog entry details the use of 3D printing to help regenerate coral reefs and now there is even more that can be done.

Wind energy development has been gaining momentum due to 3D printing as they are less expensive to manufacture and prototype, leading to faster product development. This also applies to solar power design, which coincidentally is the fastest growing source of energy production. Solar 

Solar panels are faster to produce and easier to install thanks to 3D printing and nanotechnology. Researchers in Australia are currently working on 3D printing solar cells directly into the surfaces of buildings. 

Dubai has taken a keen interest in 3D printing and are aiming to make the city-state one of the ten most sustainable cities in the world by 2020. Dubai has been printing solar panels as well as investing in other waste reducing, energy saving infrastructure.
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