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The ARC-One 3D Printer Kickstarter

X3D is proud to announce a local WA 3D Printing Kickstarter, the ARC-One 3D Printer. A next generation 3D printer that’s not only more affordable, but has a massive build plate size and easy to use interface.

They only need your help to bring it to life!

To back this fantastic project and for more information check out the ARC-One Kickstarter page:

“Our plan to undercut these prices, while making a better machine than the rest, was a driving motivator in our quest to make the ARC-one.“ -  Arcadian 3D

After observing other flaws in existing 3D Printing machines, the ARC-One team set out to create a printer superior to the rest. The ARC-One’s nozzle allows for faster printing speeds and the innovative built-in application handles all the hard work. The ARC-One is a revolutionary 3D printer that is much more affordable than comparative printers created by the competition. 

“The ARC-one was designed with everyone in mind, so anyone can use it.” - Arcadian 3D

Print via USB drive, SD-Card or download directly on the printers 5-inch display. With this next generation printer you can print for less, creating projects and prototypes without having to glue smaller pieces together or leaving your workspace.

Printer Specifications
  • From single small objects to mass-produced multiples or large prototypes, the 400mm x 400mm x 400mm capacity (16”), heated platform will suit yours needs with it’s dual nozzle, high speed (150mm/s-300mm/s), Automated bed leveling and high print resolution capabilities.  
  • Use the built in 5 inch (full colour, full touch) LCD and the Encoder/button, or simply connect a mouse and keyboard and a HDMI monitor 
  • Print from the Internet, Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth, USB, SD Card or from your PC Windows, Mac and Linux support 
  • Compatible with all open-source and on-the-market host programs (repetier, makerware, printerOS, simplify3d) for model prep & printing 
  • On board software for model downloading, slicing and more 
  • Open-source electronic controller
  • Print in a minimum layer height of 50 microns and a feature position of 12 micron (depending on chosen nozzle size) 
  • A large build volume in a smaller than ever printer size of 600mm x 600mmx 600mm which is a record of space efficiency in this type of printer
  • Choice of single or double extruders 
  • Internal LED lighting 
  • Multi material support
  • Open-spool support (spools can fit with printed adapters - Max spool width 300mm) 
  • (240/110v) 650w Silicon heat bed 
  • Filament sensors for end of filament or slippage. 
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