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Print Bed Adhesion Tips

Have you ever begun a 3D print only to have to start all over again because the print refuses to stick to the print bed?  Bed adhesion is critical to ensure the success of your print. A solid first layer is a must to ensure a stable foundation for the remainder of your 3D print. Two popular print bed additive methods are to use either Kapton Tape or Buildtak.

Buildtak is fantastic and sticks incredibly well. If Kapton tape hasn’t fixed your bed adhesion problem, Buildtak definitely will (especially for those tricky ABS prints!) Make sure you follow their instructions to the letter (Buildtak instructions can be found here: )

Once the Buildtak has been adhered to your printer make sure you level your print bed again to accommodate the extra height the Buildtak adds to your printed (or else the nozzle will scrape along the print bed!) Also, make sure your print is set up with little to no first layer brim/squish or else it will be very hard to remove from the print bed once finished - trust me, we know!

Kapton Tape

Kapton tape can be used on high print bed temperatures such as 260C. To apply Kapton Tape to your print bed either apply underwater or with a spray bottle so it adheres better. Make sure there are no bubbles under the tape and that there is no overlap of tape when applying. Press the tape down slowly for a bubble free layer. If there are bubbles the tape can be removed and you can try again.

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